Ziva Cooper

Where are you from?

I’m Zionsville, Indiana – a town that truly typifies Middle America in what I believe to the best way. Although it’s safe to say that our community is fairly well off, we still have a number of social issues that present them in some really interesting ways. I lived in Zionsville up until I was old enough to go to college, I was lucky enough to get into NYU and have lived there ever since. New York is a crazy place to live in, but I love it almost as much as I love Zionville.

What was your childhood like? 

I lived in a small flat with my Mom for pretty much my whole time in Zionsville. It was this really cosy, intimate experience that could have gone so wrong in so many ways, but it never did. Somehow she managed to keep us afloat for my whole childhood and fought so rarely that I’ve come to realise that she was my care-giver and childhood best friend all wrapped up in one. Although many of my other friends have left Zionsville, I always make sure to return to visit my Mom.

What do you do for a living?

I’m currently a freelance project manager working within school communities in the city. I’ve always enjoyed working with people, I believe people learn better when they’re working collaboratively so many of my courses revolve around the sharing of ideas and the creation of a group project.

What are you aiming to achieve here?

Throughout my time on the New York party scene I’d noticed that there was a certain schism between groups of people depending on their Majors/Minors, sexual orientation, gender and race. I want to raise awareness of the social ramifications for the segregation of these young people and question why these forward thinkers are not more integrated, despite their differences.