Jump In The Pool: How Swimming Could Help Your Libido

Troy Petty

Are you looking to improve your sexual health?

Whilst no amount of exercise or healthy diet can reverse the effects that a serious sexual health condition can have on the body, but for those who are looking for ways to improve their libido and performance in the sack, new research is suggesting that swimming could be just the activity to achieve your goals. 

Regular exercise has long been seen as one of the best ways to improve overall fitness, but now swimming is being singled out by several researchers who are claiming that spending some time splashing around in the water can particularly help those individuals who are looking for a boos to their sex lives.

Check out this list of benefits that can be gained from swimming and how they can help you enjoy your sexual experiences that much better:

Take a dip in some cold waters

Not many people will happily jump into cold water, but despite this there are groups of dedicated cold-water swimmers who purposefully shun swimming pool heaters and warm weather in favour of icy dips in open waters.

Studies on the effects of cold-water swimming have revealed that both women and men’s sex hormones are increased after a dip in cold water. Other studies have suggested that the same effect can be achieved from having a cold shower or bath, but combining the effects with a swim means that you benefit from these other bonuses…

Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Both men and women can improve the enjoyment of their sexual health experiences by strengthening their pelvic floor muscles and regularly employing the breast stroke is known to do this, especially for women.

Kegel exercises are one way of strengthening these muscles on dry land, but the sheer act of swimming leads to these muscles being employed in conjunction with the rest of the body, which is a much more natural way of getting the job done.

Staying horizontal certainly helps…

One of the reasons swimming is such a popular form of exercise is that it can be done by people with a range of abilities. Jogging or cycling requires the body to go under much more exertion than swimming, simply because the body is having to support itself.

When in the water our bodies are aided by the buoyancy of the water, so less exertion is required for us to move from one end of the pool to the other. The fact that swimmers spend more of their time horizontal also helps their performance in bed!

Tone and tighten muscles in the whole body

Having a tight and toned body is not a prerequisite to having a good sex life, but it has been known to help! Regardless of how fast you swim, it’s a great activity that tones and strengthens the muscles up and down your body.

Staying in better shape gives you more mobility in the sack and allows you to keep going for much longer, which is good news for all partners involved!

Different strokes for different folks

All strokes of swimming offer great benefits to our sexual health, but if you’re looking for weight loss to be the cornerstone of your new lease on sexual life then you’ll want to master the Butterfly first. This stroke tones your chest, arms, shoulder and (most importantly) your hips.

It never hurts to have some thrusting practice and the butterfly is a stroke that offers just that, so you can go even further when you’re in an active sexual situation.

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