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Worldwide Integrated Sexual Health Network

Who we are

The Worldwide Integrated Sexual Health Network (WISH-Net) are a group of individuals from all around the world who have chosen to dedicate their time to raising awareness of important sexual health issues, from the legal nature of abortion to the education of safe sex to those who need it most.

How we formed

Our writers are from disparate corners of the globe, all of whom have had vastly different sexual experiences due to their country’s unique culture and their own upbringings. They met via various internet forums and discussion threads mostly centred around sexual health issues, seeking a place of their own to share their thoughts and opinions which they could help shape others’ views with.

What our aims are

WISH-Net aims to bring sexual health issues to the forefront, using reliable online sources and personal experience as a way to change how we perceive sexual health and it’s importance in our culture. Our writers hope to not just highlight the physical nature of sexual health, but also the psychology at the root of how we approach relationships and sexuality.

How we plan to achieve this

Through a series of articles, fundraising events and public speaking exercises WISH-Net hope to raise awareness and break down social stigmas from within their own respective cultures. They also hope to meet up occasionally in different countries to attempt to achieve their joint goals on foreign territory.

You can get involved too!

Have you got a story related to Sexual Health that you’d like to share with us? Perhaps you think you can provide us with a interesting take on an important issue? If you’d like to contribute to the effort then you can send us a message over on the ‘Share Your Stories’ page.